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Sarisasenshi's Saber Marionette Tv Review

Saber Marionette

Rated: 7

Now for the fun part!

As a romantic comedy, Saber Marionette J is positively hilarious as the viewer looks at the chaos that unfolds as three marionettes attempt to win the heart of their beloved master, Otaru, which in itself ranges from being noble to downright ridiculous. But it isn't just the touchy-feely romance that you can find in this series, even if it does seem like one of the most prominent. There is also the love that a child can have for, say, a big brother, which really encompasses the nature of Lime. Then you have some of the more romantic attempts at love through Cherry and her fantasizing, right down the downright sexy and scandalous attempts to win Otaru over through Bloodberry and her bold nature.

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Sarisasenshi's Ragnarok the Animation Tv Review

Ragnarok the Animation

Rated: 7

As a veteran of the Ragnarok Online beta-testing period, I was instantly drawn to this series through my love for the game. While the series wasn't what I expected, as I was hoping that it would be based on Mugin-Lee's Ragnarok manwha, I was still pleased with what I had to see. The series contained some pretty original bits of humor, as you witness poor Roan playing the part of a packmule to Yuufa in the first half of the series. Others included flirts with danger in all the wrong places to seeing some of your favorite characters such as Iruga getting dragged into crossdressing for a costume party. Most of the humor is still admittedly cliche in some parts, but the rest is fairly unique and really circumstancial.

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Sarisasenshi's Tales of Destiny Game Review

Rated: 7

All in all, Tales of Destiny is a really classic game. While not being on par with modern games like Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts, Tales of Destiny stands by itself as a really fun RPG from the Playstation generation. Not overly popular due to its lack of word-of-mouth advertisement, unlike Final Fantasy VII, it still strikes many game players as being a cult hit and leaves many of them wanting to replay it (including yours truly) when they start to feel a bit nostalgic.

The presentation of the storyline is not overly cliche, and features some very original aspects. There is a lot of character development in the game, even though many of them are not part of any big mysteries. Still, there will be some moments that will completely surprise you as the plot unfolds.

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Sarisasenshi's Mamotte Shugogetten Tv Review

Mamotte Shugogetten

Rated: 7

Mamotte Shugogetten is a series that is often compared to the likes of Ah! Megami-Sama!/Oh! My Goddess!, and sometimes even called a ripoff of the series.

After watching the entire 22-episode series, I can hardly see how they compare. Mamotte Shugogetten contains a spark of comedy that Oh! My Goddess! simply lacks, which does not limit itself to collateral damage within the home or... erm... middle school. Also, with a complicated love triangle between characters (of some characters are unaware of being inside at all!), this show is bound to cross the boundaries of your ordinary love story.

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Sarisasenshi's Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Tv Review

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Rated: 8

Since I have seen the wave of "mahou shoujo" that came rushing down after the success of Sailor Moon, it is hard to say whether or not I can really judge the series smoothly or harshly in terms of originality. In my opinion, I do that that the series can become a little tiresome for the average viewer as fights carry themselves out in a predictable fashion throughout most of a season. But on the other hand, dramatic and key moments are carried out throughout these battles, and that can keep a viewer hanging in.

Meanwhile, with Usagi Tsukino and her friends each possessing a number of different personality quirks, the story becomes alive and can allow a person to connect very well with the story.

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